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We are a community of longtime, new, and aspiring technology leaders. Our mission is to help each other learn through conversation and sharing ideas.
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We host in-person engineering leadership events

First Tuesday of every month

This Month's Speaker

Ruberto Paulo (Director of Platform Engineering)

Topic of Main Talk - Technical Excellence: Principles Over Prescriptions

Join us for an enlightening discussion on redefining technical excellence in the realm of software development, tailored for tech leaders, CTOs, and engineering heads. In this talk, we'll delve into the philosophy that true technical excellence transcends strict rule-following and is more about embracing fundamental principles that enhance quality and foster innovation. We will walk through methods to interpret and apply these principles within your unique organizational contexts, promoting a culture that prioritizes long-term value over short-term solutions.


Official Meetup Sponsors

Peach PaymentsPeach Payments make online commerce and digital payment acceptance easier and more accessible across Africa.

We believe in the potential of Africa and aim to grow into more countries.

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, we work with small and large merchants in South Africa, Kenya and Mauritius to provide a complete toolkit to accept, manage and disburse payments through web and mobile.

Our merchant partners include your favorite food delivery services, whether you are ordering in or using a meal kit, travel services that can help you book your next getaway adventure and even your neighbor’s side-hustle e-commerce store. For these partners and their customers, we aim to provide brilliant experiences that make it as easy as possible to facilitate online payments.

OfferZenOfferZen is an online job marketplace by developers for developers.

Our mission is to help people unlock their potential by helping them build awesome software.That's why we are connecting actively looking developers with exciting job opportunities from over 1000 companies in South Africa and the Netherlands.

We flip the normal recruitment process on its head – companies reach out to candidates with upfront salary information.

RootRoot is a platform for modern insurance designed around data, flexibility and control. It allows for end-to-end digital insurance that streamlines product launches and digital engagement.

Our easy-to-use APIs handle compliance, regulatory, and reporting complexities. Our low-code platform, designed for software developers by software developers, simplifies workflow and fosters innovation. We prioritize the needs of developers, designers, actuaries, and data scientists to build modern insurance products. Our APIs, product data models, and low-code environment empower product teams to prototype and launch tailored experiences for customers.

Our mission is to bring insurance to the internet age and make it more accessible to all.

Matchbox SolutionsMatchbox Solution's helps you to build your software capabilities, from building software or building teams.

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