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First Tuesday of every month

This Month's Speaker

Alison Faraday and David Kossew

Topic of Main Talk - Better 1-on-1's for Managers

As a manager, you will know that running 1-on1's is a vital part of your leadership. 1-on-1's will allow you to partner with each team member to further their career progression, identify skills deficits and align each individual with the goals and values of the team and/or organisation. Are you doing this? Do you know how to do this?By the end of this powerful webinar you will:

1. Understand what a 1-on-1 is and isn't.
2. Gain an understanding of how to set up and structure an effective 1-on-1.
3. Use two practical tools to create better 1-on-1's which will deepen employee engagement.

Join ICF Certified Team Coaches Alison Faraday and David Kossew as we introduce you to simple coaching tools and techniques which will empower you to run meaningful 1-on-1's.

David’s background is in IT developing software and mentoring software developers. David is an ICF Certified Coach (ACC) as well as a Certified Enneagram Practitioner with iEQ9. David completed the Postgraduate Diploma in Coaching at SACAP in 2018 with Alison.

Alison has worked with many teams and organisations for the past 20 years, in both a facilitating and coaching function. Alison is an ICF Certified Coach and completed her 2-year coaching training to post-grad level with the South African College of Applied Psychology.

David Kossew and Alison Faraday collaborate together as team coaches under the banner Team DnA. We are inspired by the immense possibilities within the world of systems intelligence. David and Alison are Accredited Certified Coaches with the International Coaching Federation and trained in Organisational Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) through CRR Global. We coach teams in large and small organisations.


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